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Size: Small

Spiral Light Candles are in three sizes/burn times:

  • Small - 3x3 inches (20+ hours)
  • Medium - 4x4 inches (30+ hours)
  • Large - 4x6 inches (40+ hours)

Scent Description

A heart warming blend of warm milk, hazelnut and cardamom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Tina K (University Place, US)
Smells divine

I love my Cardamom and Milk candle. This is the second one I've ordered and will definitely buy again. The fragrance is very noticeable both when not lit as well as when burning.

Doreen Flaherty (Orange City, US)
Lack of Wooden Wick

My first order was for the large cardamom + milk candles - wonderful. I ordered 2 of the medium sized and the first one I burned seemed to burn the spiral section rather quickly, but it was a smaller candle so that made sense to me. However, once the spiral section was done, there was no wooden wick to be seen. I dug down to within an inch of the bottom (+-) and still found nothing. I then peeled off the label on the bottom of the candle and it appears there IS a wooden wick, but it does not appear on the top of the candle. Any thoughts on this?

Kellie Reed (Decatur, US)
Love It!

What a wonderfully unique candle with a fantastic smell!! (strong and continual!)

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JD (Greensboro, US)
Calming and soothing scent

This scent was purchased solely on curiosity as to what cardamom would smell like. These scented blends are difficult to describe and do justice so I’ll just describe them as a perfect union of scented pleasures. Spiral light candles have quickly become my favorite candles to burn.

Leslie Heidinger (Stanfield, US)
Absolutely loved it

The smell is my favorite out of all the candles I own (which is a lot). The way the candle burns is SO COOL. Makes a great gift, and not too pricey. When it burns down the wooden wick is high quality and easy to light and stay lit. Much impressed and would definitely buy again!