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Size: Medium

As heard on the Garage Logic podcast.

A great gift for the GL'r in your family. Available only in our medium size.

Scent Description

WD-40, motor oil and high-performance gasoline. Great gift for all GL'rs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
David Schall (Fort Myers, US)
Crappy, burns fast, smells horrible

This candle was lit at the spiral, and within 40 minutes was burnt out. Then you light the center wick, and it lasted for 2 hours before burning the wick out and melting wax all over. Stick with the big guys candles, this brand is poor at best. I was excited for the thought, but execution sucked. It smelled horrible, but was bought as a gag

Sean Gillis (Saint Paul, US)
Great name

I do enjoy the scent of cylinder index but wish it was stronger scent while burning

Anonymous (Los Angeles, US)

You asked for a review and how important reviews are. I'm old school and will tell you 2 things. 1) If you feel that you have done your best in quality of product, your best in customer service and best in pricing, there is no need to concern yourself with a review; you will have repeat business. And 2) If customers aren't satisfied, they don't complain but instead simply don't return to purchase again.

Jon S (New York, US)
I love the design!

The Garage Logic candle is my first, and it's great. Thanks for designing these!

Robert Scullard (Minneapolis, US)

If there ever was a man scented candle...this is it! One smell and I am taken back to my teen years when I was unable to afford a reliable car and had to work on it often. Now wishing to have those old vehicles again, as I could actually work on those. The smell of oil, grease, gasoline, and pure man....makes me feel young again.