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Judd's Purple Positivity

Size: Medium

As heard on the SKOR NORTH podcast, Makey & Judd.

Judd's Purple Positivity Candle combines the ultimate fall scent with the purple color of your most beloved (or most hated) local football team. Sure to keep Vikings fans thinking positive thoughts even when their favorite talk show hosts get a little negative.

Available in only our medium size, this candle will burn as a spiral for 2 hours as it creates a 30 hour wood wick candle.

Scent Description

Birch leaves, pine cones, vetiver and sandalwood and the smell of ozone make the perfect fall scent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kris Doll (Chicago, US)
Thanks SKOR North

I got my wife Judd's Purple Positivity for Christmas and she loved it. It smells great, my wife found it calming and soothing. Really thought the 'spiral' part was cool as it burned down. They're a hit around here!

David Lee (Detroit Lakes, US)
SKOR North & Spiral Light!

Needless to say, I've utilized my Judd's Purple Positivity Candle by Spiral Light multiple times already. It is a calming presence during the stresses of the Vikings Season, and while listening to Ol' Mackedack, Dex and SportsDad on Purple Daily- check it out on YouTube!

Even better- I now have a regular go to candlemaker for the ladies in my life!
Excellent gifts, plus the house smells great.

Now all I need is a quad of Surly to drink while watching the Vikings on my 65" TCL Superior 4K Ultra HD QLED with AMD Freesync Technology! (FOOTBALL sounder)

***Extended description because I want Judd to read this review Live!


DeeGree (Palos Park, US)
Love the Color

Great name for this awesome color and scent. Adds positive vibes to my home especially my teen’s typical room.

Jared Ackermann (Minneapolis, US)
Cool candle!

I heard about these candles from the SKOR North podcast from Mr. Zulgad. Great candles! I enjoy them.

Chad Roberts (Absecon, US)

Love this candle and the Vikings are undefeated since I bought it. Thanks Spirallight