Seasonal - Valentine

Our limited-edition Valentine's Day candle, Pink Champagne is available only through this special pre-order opportunity.

Light, fruity and fun, the effervescent scent of champagne with soft, fruity undertones sets the mood for the ultimate date night. 

Spiral Light Candles are available in three sizes:
Small - 3x3 inch (21+ hours)
Medium - 4x4 inch (32+ hours)
Large - 4x6 inch (43+ hours)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I always love these candles and would rather buy these over any other brand.

so romantic

I loved this candle, and I say loved because it lasted just long enough to get us through dinner!! Smell lovely, even when not let, and even better when it was. The fact that you can use up almost the whole candle with the 2 wicks available makes it worth every penny. Absolutely worth the investment, a small candle for $14.00 seemed a bit expensive but taking into consideration how much of the candle actually burns I would absolutely purchase this again. Now that I know that I love this company I'm looking forward to purchasing more of them when their inventory gets restocked. They still seem kind of low on the more popular scents since xmas, it must be taking a while to get back to being fully stocked. Thanks for making this interesting and beautiful candle!! Loved it for sure!!

Valentine's Candles

I really love these candles, and the new Valentine's Day scent is great. I bought one for my mom and sister, and we all enjoyed them very much! Highly recommend these

Seasonal Valentine’s Day Large Candle

The spiral burn-time was really fast. The spiral wick had a relatively short burn-time but the wax dripping into the center to fuel the woodwick was fantastic. Little pricey, but a great gift for a special occasion.

Beautiful Candle!

Love love the new scent and color! Saving it for special occasion! Need to keep this scent all the time!