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European Lilac

Size: Small

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Spiral Light Candles are in three sizes/burn times:

  • Small - 3x3 inches (20+ hours)
  • Medium - 4x4 inches (30+ hours)
  • Large - 4x6 inches (40+ hours)

Scent Description

Back by popular demand. Our European Lilac is deeply and richly floral. Memories of a freshly blooming lilac bush. A remarkably realistic scent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews

Good product. Wick is awesome for the way it burns. The spiral burns fast, that is the only thing. I do love the way it evens it out.

Connie Amodeo (Richland, US)
Love the lilac

Smells so fresh. Makes me think of Lilacs from my grandmas garden. Love all stages of these candles. Unique gifts, fabulous scents. I’ll need more I’m sure.

TXsweetT (Taylor, US)
Burns too fast.

The candle's scent is wonderful, not too overpowering. It arrived in excellent condition. While it is lit the candle burns just as shown, the only issue I have is the actual burn time. Within 30 minutes half of the candle was gone. It is a great concept but the execution is flawed, at the rate of burn I would need to buy a candle every week. I cannot afford to buy multiple candles.

Judy M (Woodbury, US)
English Lilac

The candles I just purchased were mostly for gifts. I did set one of the English lilac candles out, and that scent is so wonderful! These candles make such unique gifts for someone that you don’t know what to get for them. One of these candles would be a perfect gift!

Mel (Brookings, US)
Love Spiral Candles

I got English Lilac and am so happy with it! It was fun to watch the spiral burn and the scent is amazing. Now that I am burning the wood wick, I am getting hours of wonderful lilac scent in my house.