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The History of Spiral Light Candles

Spiral Light Candles are the unique candle everyone loves to watch burn. Here's the story of how they work and where they came from

It all started in a garage

It all started in 2011 when Aaron McWilliams and his wife Sara started making Spiral Lights in their garage in Hillsboro, ND. After coming up with the idea in a restaurant, Aaron invented the first Spiral Light candle and in 2015, Aaron’s idea earned him a patent, US 9,033,701 B1.

Aaron and Sara continued to make candles until late 2016 when they made the difficult decision that the Christmas season would be the last for their candle factory. They shipped what was left of their candles out to distraught vendors and at the end of December 2016 Spiral Light Candle closed its doors in Hillsboro, ND for the last time and it appeared the unique candle would be no more.

It all started in a garage…again

In the Fall of 2017, we drove north to Hillsboro, ND in search of a larger wax melter for our tiny, basement candle making operation. We ended up coming home with not only the melter but a whole new candle company. Spiral Light Candles would once again start out in a garage, this time in Afton, Minnesota.

Our first real manufacturing space

After numerous leaps of faith, lots of sleepless nights and a little bit of luck, We opened our first, real factory. We were in Heaven. It was warm, it was well lit and best of all it was large enough to finally be able to fulfill all our loyal customer's orders. Or so we thought. In less than two years we were bursting at the seams. The demand for Spiral Lights far exceeded anything we could have ever imagined, and our little retail manufacturing space was suddenly way too small.

The future looks bright

Our once little candle company needed one last leap of
faith. What started out as a small shop in our garage is now a national candle brand employing over 15 people in our 8,000 square foot manufacturing space and warehouse. No matter how large the space, we will always be the small, family run candle business at heart.