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Meet the Nelson's

Some companies are born out of lifelong dreams. Others are
family businesses passed down for generations. Spiral Light Candles was an accident. In 2017, while on leave recovering from surgery, an airline pilot, an elementary school teacher and their youngest daughter made their first candle. No one could have known then that the simple beer-bottle cutting and candle making kit would rapidly morph into the business it is today.

Over the next 5 years, these accidental candle makers would spend countless hours improving the two-in-one design, customizing their ingredients, and building their unique candle brand. With the help of our oldest daughters and now their husbands, Spiral Light Candles continues to grow with the help of our fantastic team of employees.

With Spiral Light Candles you’re supporting a family and not just a business. While we can now all be called candle makers, our family includes an airline pilot, a 2nd grade teacher, a marketing guru, an airline compliance swami, a pre-dentistry college student, a financial planner, and a lawyer. From our family to yours, thank you for reading our story.