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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering / Shipping

Typically all orders ship within one business day. Many times the order will go out the same day of ordered before 1pm CST (M-F). Occasionally a product may take longer to ship, if that is the case we will reach out to you via the email or phone number on your order.

No problem at all – we are happy to offer a hassle free return policy.

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Our Candles

Spiral Light Candles burn twice. First as a spiral and then as a traditional wooden wick candle.They burn as follows:

• Large: spiral 3 hrs. / wooden wick 40 hrs.
• Medium: spiral 2 hrs. / wooden wick 30 hrs.
• Small: spiral 1 hrs. / wooden wick 20 hrs.

Please note, these are estimates as environmental conditions can cause them to burn a bit longer or shorter.

All of our candles are made in our factory in Lakeland, Minnesota. All our candle ingredients and components are made and sourced within the United States.

Our candles are made of a non-toxic, food grade, highly-refined  proprietary blend of paraffin and microcrystalline wax. It is certified to be used in foods, packaging and medical uses.

Why not soy? To put it simply, we can’t. Our wax is extremely hard and melts at a high temperature. It is not anormal candle wax. That is how we get the candles to burn the way they do. If we used soy, we would have a blob of wax on a plateand probably wouldn’t sell very many.

We work very hard to make the most clean burning candles possible. We use an ultra refined, food grade wax, 100% cotton wicks on the outside and locally sourced softwood wicks on the inside. All of our scents are 100% Phthalate free and our dyes are all vegetable based.

All this work leads to a very clean burning candle free of toxins and the smoke that we want to keep outside the home.

Please see our Retail Store Locator to find store near you that carry our candles.


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Facts about Wax

According to the National Candle Association, and based upon recent air quality studies in the UK, all wax types exhibit the same clean burning behavior when engineered and manufactured properly. The key is using the right wick, clean scent oils and natural colorants to obtain a clean burning candle.

Soy wax is definitely on trend right now; it’s marketed as a sustainable, renewable and natural.

While a soy plant is a natural product, soy wax is not. Soy wax uses a mechanical process to separate the soybean matter from the oil. The oil is then refined, bleached and heated to 140-220 degrees Celsius in a hydrogenating machine. More than just soy goes into making soy wax, the wax is chemically distilled with hexane, bleached with chlorine, deodorized with boric acid and then hydrogenated.

Yes. Studies have shown that beeswax, paraffin and vegetable-based waxes are all biodegradable.

We are not organic but neither is soy. The designation of "Organic" is not possible for any soy wax or any wax made from liquid vegetable oil that is turned into a solid. In order for liquid soybean oil to transform into a solid wax, the oil must undergo a chemical change. Due to this chemical change, the wax cannot meet an "Organic" Certification."

As far as vegan goes, all soy and paraffin candles can be classified as vegan, ours included.