Gentle citrus notes along with peony, lavender and geranium all on a base of sandalwood and musk. A light and clean scent.

Spiral Light Candles are available in three sizes/burn times:
Small - 3x3 inches (20+ hours)
Medium - 4x4 inches (30+ hours)
Large - 4x6 inches (40+ hours)

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Kaitlyn Fuentes (San Angelo, US)
Good product but

I got this as a gift for my friend she loved it. She loved the smell the size every thing about it was perfect. Her only complaint was that it burns so fast.

Melissa Tackett (Brentwood, US)
Beautiful clean floral smelling white candles

I love white candles and got one of these as a gift. The spiral wick made such interesting melted wax patterns that we were fascinated! Then when all the side wick has burned down (it burns very quckly in a matter of 2-4 burnings) the wax that melts to the center allows you to then light the center wood wick. At the point, the candle lasted for a very long time. I love the White Tea Ginger scent, very clean and fresh smelling! I bought two more after my gift candle finally burned all the way down.

Tammy Hayworth (Camby, US)

Bought as a gift..recipient love it and the uniqueness of the spiral burning. Highly recommend! Have purchased 4 candles as gifts for 2 people and each person loved them and were amazed that the fragrance was scenting the room BEFORE burning. Will purchase again.

June Liston (Scottsdale, US)
Really cool candle!

We love this candle! Unique burn and subtle, lovely scent!

Nancy Levit (Westminster, US)
Love the candle

What’s not to love? Great scent, great spiral burn!