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Spiral Light Candles are in three sizes/burn times:

  • Small - 3x3 inches (20+ hours)
  • Medium - 4x4 inches (30+ hours)
  • Large - 4x6 inches (40+ hours)

Scent Description

It's hard to describe this scent other than to say it doesn't have any. Pure and clean.

Customer Reviews

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Sis Mackay (Alexandria, US)

We love the spiral candles, particularly for gifts, but am now even more perfectly happy with them that we can get unscented! Such a unique gift.

Nancy (Chicago, US)
Very nice candle

I'll be giving this as a gift. It looks good. The only problem I had with it is I also ordered scented candles as well and the unscented one picked up the scents of the other candles while in transit. I'd suggest putting the boxed, unscented candles into a sealed bag to protect them from other odors if they are being shipped with scented items. Luckily I had time to air it out before giving the gift.

Delores M. Sahlin (Sacramento, US)
Spiral candles

Love it!!!

Stephanie C (Duvall, US)
These are NOT unscented.

This candle has such a strong, yucky floral smell. They are not at all unscented. I'm putting them away to give as a gift, because I just cannot stomach the smell at all! It's too bad, because I really was excited about these!

Jeannie Shore (Boydton, US)

I bought the candle as a gift for my daughter. She LOVES candles and this is one she has never had. Funny story, she has 4 foster kids whom she will be adopting so she is very busy. She made her a cup of tea and lit the candle to watch it spiral. The kids called her away and she thoought she would only be away for a second but when she got back, the spiral part had already burned! She was so dissapoionted. Poor thing!