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How to Manage Your Subscription


Hey, Scott Austin here.

In this video, I'm gonna show you how you can manage your spiral light candle's subscriptions. So here I am on the spiral light candle's website. And what I'm gonna do is gonna click on this little icon here for accounts, and I'm gonna need to log in. And now I'm on the account page and you see, I have a managed subscriptions link and this, this will show up if you have an active subscription in our store. So I click on that and it takes you to our subscription dashboard where you can manage your subscription. So the first thing you see is your upcoming order and what subscription you have. You can also change your payment methods. If your credit card's about to expire, or you just wanna change what card you're using, you can click on it and do that there.

You could also change your shipping address. So if you move and you want your subscription to go to your new address, you could go there and change your shipping address. You can look at your purchase history and see the, the past subscription orders. Every order that you place, one subscription will have multiple orders. You'll see all of your orders for all of your subscriptions. And you can also look at the upcoming orders. And let's say, for example, on the week of August 2nd, I'm gonna be on vacation. So I want to not get this order sent to me, right? So we click on this little hour right here, and we have the ability for any given order. You can accelerate it and order it now, or you can skip this order. So I'm gonna click on skip this order, and now you can see it says skipped, and you can skip more than one. Maybe I'm also gonna be on vacation the week of August 4th. Oh, you can only skip a month out. Sorry about that. But once you skip one, you can also UNS skip and there we go. And then we have the subscriptions tab here, and this shows you all of your subscriptions. Most people have just one subscription and you can manage this by skipping an order also here or canceling your whole subscription. So this is where you'd click. If you wanted to stop receiving your candle subscription. So that's how the subscription dashboard works.

Thanks for watching.