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The Importance of Reviews

The Importance of Reviews

Reviews matter.  We take them very seriously here at Spiral Light Candles. It hurts to hear when you've let a customer down. We use a software app that automatically requests review from our candle buyers. We do this because we WANT to know how we are doing. We want to hear when things go wrong as it is the only way we can find out where we need to improve.

In 2019 we got some wonderful feedback with very few lower score reviews. Funny thing is, people are 68% more likely to believe reviews if there are good and bad reviews. Now we will never strive for that 1 star experience, we feel a little better about those not so wonderful reviews. We will always strive to be perfect but we know that isn't possible. More importantly, we do not delete nor filter our reviews. What you see is what we received. There is only one filter we use as our system will not publish a review from anyone who has not yet had their candle delivered. We feel that is only fair as it is hard to honestly review a candle you haven't had a chance to try. If there is a delivery issue, we will address it with our shippers UPS and USPS.

Next time you buy a candle, please review it. It really helps others choose the scents they may like as its really hard to smell through our website. Have a great 2020!

The Spiral Light Makers