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Spiral Light Candles launches seasonal limited edition scents

Spiral Light Candles launches seasonal limited edition scents

The New Year is here and with it is a new program we are starting here at Spiral Light. It began last fall with the Minnesota State Fair where we shared a limited edition blue candle with 2.2 million visitors to the Fair. The outdoorsy blue candle was called Paul and Babe and was the color of Babe the Blue Ox. As any good Minnesotan knows, the lakes around here were all created by Paul Bunyan's oversized boots as he walked across the state.

The idea and the candle were a big hit. So we are back with a new seasonal limited edition candle for Valentine's Day, Pink Champagne. This candle will only be available on-line through a pre-order opportunity. We will not be stocking this candle nor selling it through our retail stores across the USA. 

Any candles ordered now will be shipped on February 5th, plenty of time for delivery before Valentine's Day. 

Light, fruity and fun, the effervescent scent of champagne with soft, fruity undertones sets the mood for the ultimate date night. Get yours today!