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New Look, New Scents, New Beginning!

New Look, New Scents, New Beginning!

Spiral Light Candles have a new look!  After months of hard work, the candles are now shipping with the new labels.  Designed to be a more updated feel of a boutique candle line, they now feature a kraft paper look and a more matte feel. The logo has been updated and the scent name made larger for easier identification on the shelf.  Feedback on the new labels has been wonderful so far.

The new design doesn't just look nice, they are also engineered to be more functional.  The new side labels will not bleed through and will be easy to remove.  The new warning labels are lined with foil to prevent color bleed through and are larger to keep more the of wax off the shelf.  We hope you will love them!

Spiral Lights make the perfect gift for 2018 as they bring a completely different and unique type of candle to your home.