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Unscented Spiral Light. How hard can it be?

Unscented Spiral Light. How hard can it be?

So how hard can if be to make an unscented Spiral Light Candle?  A lot harder than you might think.

A lot of things can affect the way a candle burns. One of them is the wax itself and any additives that may be used in the manufacturing process of the candle. Spiral Light Candles are pretty simple in makeup but a bit complicated in design. We rely upon the hardness of the wax we use to make the trick of the spiral action work. Use a softer wax and you would get a blob of wax instead of a candle at the end.

We do not use a lot of additives in our wax. Our wax is ultra refined with just a bit of UV protectant in it to help prevent fading. The one thing we do normally add however is scent oil. Scent oil is made up of a base oil and the various components that make up the scent. In our case that may include a number of ingredients including essential oils. One thing you wont find in our scent oils is phthalatesPhthalates are bad news and have no place in our candles. The scent oils we do use have a slight effect on the wax as does the vegetable based colorants that we infuse in the oil. It tends to soften the candle wax just a bit.  When we remove the scent oil, the candle becomes even harder. This can lead to a candle that no longer flows to the cent of the hollow part as it spirals down.

Today I think we figured it out. Playing with the wax a bit and making some minor changes to the manufacturing process seems to have finally allowed us to make an unscented Spiral Light we feel comfortable selling to our customers. Keep an eye out as you should see our new Spiral Light Pure (Unscented) on the website and in stores soon.

Have a great day!